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posticon Locating Wilkerson Advanced Students


I am new to the board and it sure looks like it's due for a new post, so I will.

Briefly, I have a background in the studies of yoga, the occult, Huna, the TAO and more. I had the great pleasure of finding Clark Wilkerson through one of his books at The Edgar Cayce Library (in the 90's) and proceeded to purchase books, (possibly all) his tape lessons, and ultimately I took private teaching with him and his wonderful wife in Los Vegas.

I believe the most powerful teachings were about becoming friends with your sub conscious. It all starts there.

I find I have distilled all these teachings and have a very peaceful, balanced view of creation and this unit's place in it. But there is absolutely no one of any one discipline who comes close to grasping the "higher bardo" concepts I occasionally try to share. I sincerely do not mean this to sound as egotistical as it certainly must.

So I'm putting up this post as a beacon to any enlightened soul who cares to communicate with me in this 3 dimensional format. You should be able to comment here, message me, or email me...hopefully I have the board options correctly set.

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