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Magic and it's effects

I think it's good some people to know what is happening after their " MAGIC " is sent.Here are my expiriences and it's good to add yours to help ourselves:

1. You will receive some information about your goal- from other people, tv's ,radiostations, your inner voice and the world around you.
2. Some complexes may arise, but with practice on your goal, mostly they will gone.
3. You will get some quallity from "above " to keep working with your goal.
4. Please go out into physical world, be around people, visit friends. Don't stay at home waiting goal to come from "Nothing"
5. Work on your goal. Make a plan how will fullfill your goal in small steps and act upon it, don't stay lazy.

I hope this helps. Aloha-Pule me mana.
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