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My Mission

Hi Two Bears. My name is Stefan and in past few months I'm completley confused with what my mission in life. On the workshop of Paul Lambillion, after my question-Do I help people? / Deep in my heart I want to help people to feel better from childhood / He told me -Yes Stefan in some way.
Sometimes I can't understand my self and I have talents- I think so. So here I write what I can do and you Two Bears if can ,please give me some path to follow-some trace for my mission in life-my lifepath????!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. I see mistakes in so called systems for personal development includes magick and I can create more full system-mixing elements.
2.I can hypnotise myself and to lead hipnosis texts is not a problem for me.
3. I count people on their mimics, gestures, voice tone and body language and human psyhology is interesting for me, but in reality, not in the books. In fact I write notes for my system.
4. I make music trance, dance ambient
5. I can write books and articles- I'm very addicted to this.
6. I'm empthat-sometimes is not good and feeling and emotions hold my moods.
7. I like martial arts+ninja
8. This is very important I think- I search for true in life- in martial arts, in relationships, in magick, in energy work, in jobs and so on.

So if you make sense , please tellme Two Bears.
and just a question-can I use ha-ritual in one day for goal, to heal my self and others and for charging with energy / for sorry middle pillar like pillar of light back old patterns in by body or in my mind creating mental pain./

So all the best.
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Re: My Mission


Allow me to use a quote from the movie "Padre pio: Miracle Man" I seem to be a mystery even to myself

I can tell you EXACTLY what your life mission is.

Your life mission is to harmonize your three parts of the soul into a complete whole.

When There is peace and harmony between the subconscious and conscious mind minds your 'aumakua can begin working through you.

Buddhists call this expressing your true nature

When you get the three parts of the soul working together in harmony; you will know what your life mission is because doors will start opening, and you will feel a calling.

How do you get your three selves working together in peace and harmony?

1 identify and remove the complexes and fixations that is holding you back.

2. Practice the Pillar Of Light meditation to call your 'aumakua into the body where it belongs. This will raise your spiritual vibration.

3. Practice "The Five Mahalos" to change the way you think consciously and subconsciously.

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

"I hope you know this violates my warranty"Twiki
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