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Eyes and lungs

I humbly request for help, for I am almost desperate. I am suffering from the sickness of graves, which is a sickness of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroide) and that has unfortunately become active on my eyes. Therefor, I am squinting all the time and the doctors have placed a prisma on the left glasses of my spectacles so that I can see single images in the distance.
Other people cannot see that I am squinting, but it is hell for me! I need glasses to see in the distance but I do not need glasses for reading and working, which means that I have to read en work with one eye. I am awaiting for an operation (I am very scared of it), but I hope with all my heart that that won't be necassary and that a miracle will find place in the mean time. Futhermore, I am suffering from lung emphysema and sometimes I am so very sad because of my bad health. Can you help me please? With love and greetings, Skybird13
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