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Your unihipili

Your unihipili has been programmed to hold certain thoughts and opinions as fact and follow them without question.

You were programmed by your parents, authority figures, your friends and society at large.

Have you ever watched a group of children where they immediately like a song on the radio or a peice of clotying just because the popular kid is playing the song or wearing the clothing?

Well your subconscious mind is FULL of these perceptions that no longer serve you as an adult. Since you have reached adult hood; you have more than likely come to realize some of those rock solid beliefs no longer serve you. Those beliefs do not hinder you because you have come to realize that you are NOT the popular kid, and never will be popular or the life of the party.

What if you were taught by parents, authority figures, and society to hate people of other races; or had so much anger and despair drilled into you by your parents or guardians; these beliefs accepted without question by your unihipili Would affect your present day life and interaction with society on a daily basis.

What do you do to change those subconscious beliefs?

I am sure you have made many new year resolutions to change your life; and sooner or later found yourself doing the same old things whether you wanted to or not. Changing the conscious mind is easy. Changing the subconscious mind is one of the hardest things you will ever do. I am sure that many of you gave up changing your life or erasing those mental complexes with disgust.I certainly did for the first 45 years of my life.

I was born in 1955 (a short 14 years after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

My guardians were Baptist Fundamentalists; and they filled MY subconscious mind with hatred for the "Japs, and the N word for blacks. They also filled my aubconscious mind with ideas that I was weak and unhealthy, and to fear the unknown, that I would never amount to anything.

For the first 18 years I was a problem child with an attitude that caused a loy of havoc and destruction wherever I went. As a child whenever I slipped up and demonstrated my latent psychic abilities; it was labeled Satanic and they tried to beat Satan out of me. Today I still carry many knots and scars on my body where I was beaten with broom handles, iron pokers, or anything they could get their hands on at the time. I still carry about 75 scars on my arms where I was burned with lit cigarettes as punishment.

During my childhood; I cannot count the number of times I contemplated or attempted suicide. Many times I would sneak out of bed to get my Uncle's .38 special revolver that was always loaded, and golding the muzzle to my temple with my finger on the trigger wanting my hell on earth to END. The single thought "What if I fail and am forced to live as a vegetable for 40 years was abhorent to me, and was enough to pull me back from the abyss. When I began driving; I would rip down the road and going so fast that I wanted to lose control of the car so I could kill myself in an accident instead of a messy gunshot where I might fail. One time I was caught by the police driving 137 MPH in a 45 MPH zone; when the policeman saw the state I was in; he had mercy and gave me a ticket for driving 65 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.

On my 18th birthday; I threatened to murder my guardians if they EVER beat me again.

In school; I left three of my school teachers lying in the floor, and many classmates.

These are true events from my life. I am NOT telling you these things to impress you, or because I am proud of them.

I am only telling you the kind of background I came from; and why I say "I walked out of the pits of hell on earth.

I changed the programming in my subciouscious mind, and have no similarity with the angry sub-human I used to be! and I KNOW for a fact that you can to' IF you are willing to do the work.

I erased those complexes and fixations with the paper burning ritual listed in article 6 of "What is Huna" portion of my website; then I monitored my thoughts and when I noticed the subconscious mind sending up negative thoughts; I pulled up the weed by refusing to give it any more mana; then planted the five good thoughts in it's place.

I attacked the complexes as if I was a cat ready to pounce on a mouse.

The change of consciousness did not happen over night; but it DID happen; and it did not take much longer than six months until my complete personality changed; and about a year after I started; many family members made comments "It's as if you are a completely different person.".

I WAS a completely different person because books like "Hawaiian Magic", "Clearing Your Lifepath: With Kahuna Wisdom" "Fundamentals Of Hawaaiian Mysticism", and "The writings of Max Freedom Long had given me tools so I could confront my inner demons and defeat them!

Think of your consciousness like a floating iceberg. You could consider your conscious mind to be the tiny portion of ice above the water line, and the massive portion ir iceberg below the water line represents your subconscious mind.

I have heard it said the subconscious mind is aware of 20 million or billion bits of data a second, but your conscious mind is only aware of 2000 bits of data a second.

You can place the attention on any of those 20 million or billion bits of data. so begind focusing your attention on the negative parts of yourself then repeatedly rip up the weeds your subconscious mind sends up into consciousness; and begin planting the five flowers. Through this repetition; your subconscious mind (unihilili) WILL change because it is a creature of habit. If you consistently pull up the bad thoughts and plant good ones; your unihipili WILL change.

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

"I hope you know this violates my warranty"Twiki
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