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posticon Pillar of light meditation.

The Pillar of light meditation is one of the best ways to bring the power of your 'aumakua into your body, and help your unihipili give up negative thinking.

Peactising the Buddhist "Being of Light" or Actualism meditation at will accomplish the same thing.

Step 1 get in a comfortable position I take a compact kneeling position on a seiza bench 6-8 inches (15-21 Cm) high with my knees shins and insteps on the floor with my ankles under the bench. You may simulate this position by sitting on a rolled up blamket or pillow with your feet on either side of the pillow or blanket.

I like this position because my abdomen is free to expand as I breathe. If you are unable to kneel in this fashion; sit in a chair but with both feet flat on the floor. If your cross your legs or arms; you will be inhibiting the flow of energy.

The Pillar of light.

close your eyes and visualize a ball of white light 6-12 inches (15-30 Cm) over your head. Think the command OPEN and the light opens and a beam of light comes down to and through your body and into the ground below yor feet. Allow the energy to flow through your body for 30-60 seconds, then use the command TURN, at this command the beam of light begins to turn counter clockwise, and the longer of this beam of light turns the larger it gets and the faster it spins. Use the intent that this pillar of light will throw all evil or negativity out of your aka bodies or aura.

Use this meditation for about 20 minutes a day then use the command OFF and the pillar of light goes back into the ball of light above your head, then go about your day.

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