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An introduction to the two BEST HUNA books ever printed

I have taken the HUNA course from HRI (Huna Research Inc.), the HUNA Science course published by CSA press, and read EVERY HUNA book I could lay my hot little hands on.

My website is a condensation of that massive amount of material, and MANY personal mystical experiences. I wrote the website to open the doorway for other HUNA students, and direct them to the BEST books for HUNA material.

On my website; I have listed the complete bibliography of HUNA books I have read, and listed them in the order I recommended them (at the time the website was put online).

There are two very SPECIAL and RARE HUNA books (in my opinion; these are the BEST HUNA books ever printed). Both of these men ACTUALLY learned this spiritual technology from a living kahuna who had these teachings passed down through his family, and you do not find much of the nonsence and conjecture you will find in many of the HUNA books available.

"Clearing Your Lifepath With Kahuna Wisdom" Allan P. Lewis

This book was published in 1984, and has been out of print for many years. This book often sells for $300 or more.

This book is an EXCELENT HUNA training manual in 14 chapters or lessons. In my opinion; this book should be the HUNA training course distributed by HRI.

Mr. Lewis is an excelent teacher because he teaches in a methodical step by step matter where later lessons build upon skills you learn in earlier lessons.

I DO recommend for people to ignore the introduction that was written by Adele Von Bibra because this introduction postulates much of the HUNA nonsence introduced by Max Freedom Long

Table of contents for "Clearing Your Lifepath"

1. The Minds of Man
2. The Bodies of Man
3. Of Breath and Mana
4. The One Commandment
5. To Gain Control
6. Into The Silence
7. Meet Your Subconscious
8. To Forgive and Forget
9. Release of Sin
10. Release of Guilt
11. Release of Fear
12. Clearing Fixations
13. To Cut the Cords
14. Meet Your High Self


"Hawaiian Magic" Dr. Clark Wilkerson

This book was self published by the author in 1968; and I would bet there were no more than 2,000 copies of this book ever printed.

As I write this; I know of five copies available on the internet at prices from $445 - $2,000!

This book is NOT as an effective HUNA course as "Clearing Your Lifepath" but what this book lacks in methodical step by step instruction; this book more than makes up for in the wide field of mystical and paranormal subjects it discusses.

If I were forced to limit my HUNA material to only one book; this is the only book I would keep; because this book takes you to the edge of reality, and raises the curtain to show you how the machinery works.

Table of Contents for "Hawaiian Magic"

1. Improving Your Health
2. Improving Your Mental Power
3. The Silence
4. The Pendulum
5. Mental Magic
6. Mental Fixations
7. Harmony Within
8. The Ego Body
9. Hawaiian Magic
10. Removing Mental Complexes
11. Casting Out Demons
12. Astral And Etheric Contact
13. Universal Planetary Contact
14. Self Realization Of Gof Within
15. Your Higher Self.
16. Contact With The Impersonals
17. Curses Removed
18. Gods Power Plant
19. Deep In The Heart
20. Treasures Beyond Description
21. The 33 Cosmis Laws
22. Ghosts Among Us.
23. The Humanoids
24. Then There Were None
25. There Was Light.

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