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Re: different breathing methods


How do I know if it works?
How does man sense mana?

Mana is the energy that keeps the entire universe going, and inside each atom.

That is the energy under the material level of the universe. Scientists are beginning to discover this lifeforce energy, and call it the plank or Planck (not sure of the spelling) energy.

Via your deep breathing you are bringing the atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, ozone, etc into your lungs. Then simply by your intention you tap into this INFINITE supply of energy of the universe.

Just think of Einstein's equasion E=Mc2.

Physicist Dr. William Tiller says with E=Mc2 there is enough energy in one hydrogen atom to manifest all of the stars, planets, and asteroids in 20 billion light years.

mana feels differently to different people according to what they expect to feel.

Mana often feels like a tingling sensation, a vibration, or even static electricity.

For me; I feel my pulse all the way to the end of my fingers and toes with a tingling sensation in my fingers.

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

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Re: different breathing methods

I know a techique for charging with energy, some say it's from kahunas. Is it true?

1.You breath deeply and evenly
2.You imagine you are fountain
3.And water is filling you above.

Is it kahuna tecnique or not?
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