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Characteristics of the Unihipili

Aloha to you all,

I would like to share some recent events with you as I feel they are very much relevant to this forum, and I hope some of you will benefit from it.

Over the past 4 weeks I found myself getting quite depressed, which in turn made it very difficult for me to think positively, thus a lot of negativity and worrying followed. A lot of this was due to my job, and the fact that it has been very slow acquiring clients, leaving me stuck in an office all day (I'm someone who requires a lot of mental stimulation or I bore easily).

About 3 weeks ago I started to feel quite lethargic and was getting stomach cramps that would not go away with the medicines I took. A week later I was too ill to go to work. I coudln't go to my martial arts class either because I was so drained of energy (and martial arts is a HUGE part of my life).

I did begin to sort through things mentally and felt a bit more confident that I could find things to do upon return to work. So last week I returned to work and to martial arts. In that week I injured my shin, injured both my shoulders, and got my eyebrow cut open with a stick, and got an infection in my toe from an ingrowing nail. I even remember thinking that 'next thing I know my old shoulder blade injury will return".
Well surprise surprise, yesterday my old shoulder injury returned (after being fine for over a year). This was accompanied by variouse neck pains and a re-injured shin.

However, I was determined not to give up, and I told myself that I am going to work out today. Now my usual method of getting my Unihipili to co-operate is by promising him something that he will enjoy (reading being the main thing). This method worked for my toe infection which dissapeared over night but unfortunately not for the other conditions. So, today I got up (shoulder blade still in pain) and I stood infront of the mirror. I then began to say 'I love you' to myself whilst thinking of all the wonderful things I've been able to experience because of my Unihipili. I only had to say 'I love you' 10 times and the pain in my shoulder blade dissapeared on the spot...I could move my arms around in all the mormally painful positions with no pain at all. I have even been able to do a 2 hour workout and none of my 'injuries' have hurt.

Anyway, take from this what you will but for me it's just another reminder that I am walking the right path and that overall, we NEED to think positvely, and to love ourselves, and to love each other.

Many blessings,


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Re: Characteristics of the Unihipili


Anyway, take from this what you will but for me it's just another reminder that I am walking the right path and that overall, we NEED to think positvely, and to love ourselves, and to love each other.

No disagreements from me Craig: thamk you fot posting this to encourage other readers.

We REALLY do create our reality by the way we think consciously and subconsciously; and providing the mana necessary to the higher powers to manifest the reality each of us desire.

10 years ago; I fell and really wrenched my right foot and right knee. I had a partial tear of the achilles tendon, two broken bones going down to the 4th and 5th toes, and almost ground my right ankle into hamburger. My injury was so bad my doctor actually recommended amputation above the right ankle; but I refused stating that I would take care of it by directing ch'i into the foot to heal the injury. Dr. Ahern said I was succeptable to having gangrene set up.

I did not see myself hobbling on a walker, or walking with a limp. I meditated and visualized that I was driving a car in a race; and had to use that foot to apply the gas pedal and brakes. 28 days after I began meditating; I was able to walk with that mangled foot.

Today; my right foot is as sound as it ever was before.

Point being "Whatever we are able to convince the unihipili is true BECOMES TRUE.

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

"I hope you know this violates my warranty"Twiki
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