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Re: Great things happening!


BAd shamans?
I've never heard about something like that. Do you think that for you can really **** someone up by a inproper atunement?

Yes; evil and angry people can do a lot to us; if we are not careful.

I know a lady who was attuned by a bad shaman; and it nearly destroyed her life.

I know another lady who had a Level II attunement that she paid for; but did not work.

Reiki is NOT the perfect system that some Reiki masters tell you it is.

The kahuna ana'ana actually killed people and animals with nothing but the power of the mind.

Voodoo priests, and bad shamans also can curse or cause death to the ones that were cursed.


What do you think about those attunements by video? Could they hurt me?

The video attunements will not hurt you but also will not work.

For an attunement to take place; two things have to take place.

1. you have to be willing to receive it.

2. a Reiki master has to be willing to pass the attunement to YOU.

The videos only show a reiki master passing an attunement to someone else.


I personally was attuned by this reiki master:

Do you feel the energy, and able to channel it?

If the answer is yes; there is probably nothing wrong.


I hope she did the job well I do not want any problems.

There probably aren't any


I have some stones I bought froma reiki master. Do you think it would be beneficial to cary them with me all the time? I mean all the time?

Depends on what the crystals are.

If you want to learn more about the metaphysical properties of crystals; get a copt of "The Crystal Bible" Judy Hall. This book has pictures, and talks about more than 250 different kinds of stones. When I read it; I only noticed two errors in the information about crystals; and they used the same picture for two different stones.

A more complete book about crystals is "Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals" A. Melody; but the book has no pictures.


Not that I want to be annoying or something. But can you check from afar if I have any implants blockages or any other of those bad things you're talking about?
I would be really greatful

Of course. Send me an E-mail to and I will send you an E-Mail with ehat I find if anything; and if I removed it or not (providing you give me permission to remove them if I find them.).

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

"I hope you know this violates my warranty"Twiki
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