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Re: Paper Burning Technique


This was my third time using the technique. The first two times, with other issues, the visualization was easy; the black smoke billowed and flowed down my arms, from around my shoulders, into the paper. Today, it didn't "flow" so easily. It took quite a few minutes to get the sense that the "smoke" was flowing at all. Also, I sensed a large, more solid dark mass, like a large rectangle, behind my back. I worked to try to turn it into smoke so I could get it out from behind my back and get it flowing into the paper. It was stubborn. I finished the visualization, burned the paper, did some affirmations, and now have incence burning around the house. I'm wondering if I need to do this technique again on the same issue. Or should I just leave it for a while?

Aloha nui loa Dee; my sister.

This third incident sounds as if you were working on a complex instead of a fixation.

The difference between complexes and fixations are...

Fixations are wrong ideas planted in our unihipili by our own conscious mind (uhane).

Complexes are wrong ideas about things planted in our unihipili by authority figures (parents, guardians, or authority figures (police, school teacher, preacher, guidance counselor, etc).) The problem is that the unihipili accepts these wrong ideas from authority figures as fact, and does not question the authenticity of the teaching.

In the event; you are working on a complex; you will have to have a little chat with your unihipili and use inductive reasoning to guide the unihipili to accept that the complex is not true, and be willing to let it go. Thus can take quite a bit of time to persuade and coax the unihipili that the complex is not true.

As a child; I was taught to hate the blacks (only my guardians used the N word), and they taught me to hate the Japanese. It took considerable time for me to convince my unihipili that my guardians hated those people, and there was no reason for me to continue to perpetuate that hatred.

I do not hate anyone; now/ I am only telling of one of the many complexes and fixations that I had to overcome.

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Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

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