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Why the recent talks of nature spirits on another thread. This is a HUNA site.

I bet you were getting cofused about the discussion of the nature spirits when HUNA or (Pule me mana) is about Hawai'ian mysticism.

Well this site is about Hawai'ian mysticism, and the Hawai'ians worked intensely with the spirits of the land. I'O or E'O, the Akua (gods and goddesses), the po'e 'aumakua, their /'aumakua; but they also worked with the nature spirits to find good trees to uild their homes, and canoes of, and they worked with the other nature spirits and left gifts for favors.

I certain;y do not live in Hawai'i; but there are nature spirits all around.

The nature spirits where I live are accustomed to the gifts of tobacco or cornmeal that was gifted by the native American Indians in previous generations; so that is the gift I leave if I am asking a favor, and have a gift to leave. If I have no gift; I leave a gift of mana.

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

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