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Question about a prayer request

I don't need physical healing, but I do need financial healing. I need to find a job by 9/15/06, when my unemployment runs out. It needs to pay well enough that all my bills are easily covered, as I have a mortgage, a child, pets, etc, and I have extra for fun stuff, home improvements, vacations, helping my mom out, and others who need it. It needs to be close to where I live and work hours must be be between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (inflexible until 6/07). I do have a lot of job skills, am willing to work hard, show up on time, not take time off, etc. My past work record shows that I do all of the above. I did take 12 years off from working for child rearing while I was married, but I am no longer married and need to support myself and my child. For the past 3 years I have subsisted on lowpaying temp jobs, but I have pared down my expenses as low as they will go, and still need and more cash flow.

So, could you please pray for me? I'm doing the work; actively job hunting, pursuing all good leads, maintaining a positive attitude, picturing the job, the paycheck, the paid off bills, my increasing bank account, my improved home.

You could think of this as a prevention healing. If my financial abundance manifests, I am spared much mental anguish since I won't have to worry about my finances. I will also have health insurance, which I don't now have, so I can take care of any future health problems medically.

Thanks in advance.

If this is not the place to post this request, please let me know.
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