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Recommended Crystal books

There are a lot of Crystal books out there, and many of them claim to be the best at one thing or another.

In my personal opinion; the best books are as follows.

"Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Ctystals" by Melody

"The Crystal Bible" Judy Hall

"The Crystal Handbook by Kevin Sullivan

Love Is In the Earth is a 700 + page paperack with tons of Information about a LOT of different crystals. Unfortunately this book is not very portable, and has no pictures.

The Crystal Bible is a good second choice because this book covers about 200 + of the most common stones with decent descriptions of the metaphysical and healing abilities of Crystals; but does contain very nice pictures. This book is 400 + pages, and makes it not very portable either.

The Crystal Handbook. I recommend this book as a third choice because this book IS portable, and easy to take along to rock shows, and rock shops.

Both "Love Is In The Earth" and "The Crystal Bible" have very good indexes in the back; so if you are looking for a stone to help shield the aura, ground the person, Protect from Psychic attack, etc; just turn to the index; and the index will direct you to several pages showing different stones that are known to help humanity in that regard.

I have been collecting rocks for more years that I care to remember, and I know that keeping crystals on or near my person almost 24/7 for years that Crystals have helped prevent nightmares and psychic attacks, and assisted me with health and spiritual problems.

Right now there is a 35 millimeter film canister full of crystals in my pocket, and an amethyst crystal in my water bottle.

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

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