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posticon Change the way you think consciously AND subconsciously

I have posted many times that you need to change the way you think consciously and subconsciously; and people have asked for more teaching on this matter; so I will try to offer this topic to fill in the gaps.

How do you change the way you think when you have been programmed from the age of three or four years old to think in one way that may or may not be for your highest good.

Begin by monitoring your thoughts, and assess whether they are truly positive or negative.

Now that you are consciously aware of your negative programming; try to stop thinking those megative thoughts for more than a few seconds. You will find that you lack the skill and tools to stop those negative thoughts for more than a few seconds to a minute in virtually all cases.

You change the way you think consciously and subconsciously by monitoring your thoughts moment to moment.

I want you to think of your mind as a garden of flowers or vegetable (whichever you prefer).

When you become aware that you have slipped back om the rut of thinking negatively; I want you to plant five good thoughts in this garden of weeds. I usually recommend people try to think of five things they are grateful right then.

What would happen if a gardner ripped up every weed in the garden, and planted five flowers or vegetables in it's place?

Pretty soon there would not be any room left for weeds to grow.

So I ask you "Are you going to grow weeds or flowers?"

If you will monitor your thoughts and habitually rip up the bad thoughts and plant good thoughts; you WILL change the way you think consciously.

When your unihipili sees you rip up every negative thought it sends to the conscious mind, and you planting good thought; the thinking of your subconscious mind will also change because you will be teaching your unihipili by example.

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

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