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posticon You have been PROGRAMMED

Your unihipili has been programmed by your parents, authority figures, society at large, and when your uhane developed; you began programming yourself to fit in society's norms.

How is it possible that a child touches something hot, and becomes burned; and a kahuna was able to walk barefooted on a lava flow that was 2000 degrees fahrenheit?

Simple. The child and the kahuna have different programming in their unihipili (subconscious mind).

How do you remove that faulty programming running rampant in your unihipili?

By clearing your unihipili of the complexes put on you by your parents, authority figures, and society. and clear the mental fixations your uhane (conscious mind) put on your unihipili.

Clearing the complexes and fixations is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in your life!

Aloha. Rev. Two Bears

"I hope you know this violates my warranty"Twiki
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